Rustic Crate Christmas Tree Skirt

tree skirt crate

A rustic, farmhouse Christmas tree needs more than just a traditional tree skirt!  So I came up with a 3 sided vintage crate this year!  Enjoy the plans!

What you  need for this project:

(3) 1 x 4 x 60 – cut into 16 -20″ sections depending on your tree skirt.  You want them an inch larger.
(1) 2 x 2 x 48 – cut into 10 1/2″ sections
(36) 1 1/2″ self tapping screws (kreg jig screws)
white paint
gray and forest gree acrylic paints
220 grit sanpaper
antiquing wax
large bowl or 5 gallon bucket

carbon paper

miter saw
kreg jig
tape measure
orbital sander

paint brush for acrylic paint

drill pocket holes

Cut all pieces to length.  Drill two pocket holes on each end.

Screw boards into the 2×2 keeping the back of the boards even with the back of your 2×2.  You can use a scrap board to raise the height if needed.

Once it’s all screwed together, sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

Add a coat of 2 of white paint.  Sand again with 220 grit paper after it’s dry.

Place a bucket or punch bowl upside down on the front of your crate.  Very lightly trace a half circle.

Tape “Joy to the World” Print out around the circle.  Use a piece of carbon paper to to tranfer the letters to the wood.

get ready to paint

Paint the letters in gray.  Add a green snowy tree to the center.  If you aren’t artistic, you can paint something simpler like a star or a silhouette.

Sand and add antiquing glaze.


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  1. Oh, this is such a fun idea! I don’t have a Christmas tree right now because there’s not really room in my small apartment, but I’m filing this away for the future!

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