Removing Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is tedious and time consuming but definitely worth it!  This particular home had wallpaper in every single room and since it’s a 100+ year old home, it was put on directly over plaster.  When you have plaster walls covered in wallpaper, it’s hit or miss weather the walls underneath are in good condition.  Although we had pretty good luck on this project, there were quite a few cracks and spots that needed repaired.  But first, the wallpaper….

how to remove wallpaper

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What you need for this project is:

Scrapers (different sizes if you have narrow areas)
Wall paper tiger
wall paper solvent


Wall paper steamer (recommended if you are removing a lot)
Scrapers (different sizes if you have narrow areas)
If you have wallpaper in narrow areas (shown at the end of this video) you will also need solvent.

If you have walls to repair as well, click here for a video on plaster repair!

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4 Replies to “Removing Wallpaper”

  1. This has always been a daunting task but you have made it seem quite easy thank you! Now I feel better about when I need to start tackling this job in my house!

  2. This is so helpful! We have a bathroom in our house with horrible wallpaper and I’ve been procrastinating doing anything about it since it’s a guest room bath that is rarely used. This is giving me incentive to fix it up!

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